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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Closed Schools, Crazed Artists and my Second Novel (Attempt)

School's are closed till the 14th.

I'm very happy now, but can't help wonder, will they even open then? :D

Please pray that there will be more snow :(

I'm not wearing my Blogging Hat (tm) at the moment, so I'm not going to insult or offend anyone, and refrain from mentioning my current plans for world domination

This is the real me, honest!

Begging for snow.

Because it makes me happy that I can stay and home, watching the snow fall by the nice warm fire ^_^


I'm taking another crack at this novel business. I've decided if I write a novel, celebrity-ism will follow, then money, and before you know it, J.K. Rowling will be kicked out of her magical flying novelist castle and I will move in!

You're all invited of course ^^

Got a plan, and Chapter 1 written! Not revealing anymore incase I fail, like I did with my first novel, but if anyone wants a draft, just ask :)

I'm trying to be dramatic in this novel, because my last novel was just comedy. I find it very difficult to write seriously, or dramatically, without inserting something hilarious. I guess I'm just too clever >:(

Anyway, nothing else is going on at the moment, so I will keep you posted on my incredibly interesting life.

I just finished going through a Bioshock craze, and I've become obsessed with Sander Cohen and am now trying to learn his masterpiece. If I ever do manage to perfect it, I'll upload a video of myself playing it.

But thats a lot way off, I mean... look at it O.o

Sander Cohen's Masterpiece: Scherzo #7

It's so yummy!

Cohen is like, the greatest person ever :P

If he didn't coat people in plaster and strap his disciples to dynamite covered pianos, I would worship him.

But I guess we all have to suffer a little for art :/

(P.S. For those of who are curious, the man is plastered to the piano, and he did end up failing to play the Masterpiece. Sometimes dynamite isn't always the best motivator.)

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  1. haha...thanks for commenting onto my blog :P Of course I'm from the states!!! Anyways, It keeps snowing here 2...we keep having cancellations and to be honest, I'd rather have a 2 hr delay and still go to school cuz when it's cancelled...there's nothing to do in my house!!! Except read..which I <3 Well, I'd better get going. Ta-Ta!


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