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Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Will Keep Blogging!

I knew I forgot something!

Despite my evilly binding contract with the school system, I have very little time to think of interesting anecdotes and the like.

However! I will keep blogging despite this!

Just bear with me.

Eventually a school holiday will come, and we will return to the happy land where blogging ideas grow on trees.

Large, pink, polka-dot trees.

Filled with chocolate.


  1. Valentine's Day!!
    I wish there were large, pink, polka-dot trees
    btw, what the heck do u mean by the hamster "Patricia"
    powering ur Death Fortress of Love?
    ta ta 4 now Stephen!

  2. so i had 2 already pick my courses for next year!
    so cuz of has been so boring lately
    and surprisingly
    i've been blanked out of ideas 4 my blog
    i guess i've had no inspiration yet
    oh well, i guess i'll just go play ping-pong to get inspired...don't ask


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