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Friday, January 8, 2010

The Internet is Nothing But a Cesspool of Disturbed Mental Patients. No Offense.

What I Dislike

I dislike people on the internet.

I dislike people who misspell words.

I dislike people who continously post memes as if they are funny.

I dislike those strange fetish-like people who enjoy reading anime porn comic strips involving schoolgirls brutally murdering and raping their teachers.

I dislike people on the Internet for those reasons.

What I Despise


What I Like

People whose opinions are actually intelligent.

People who can spell words properly.

People who manage to be creative and interesting without conforming to an Internet based meme or stereotype.

Long walks on the beach.

I say we all band together against the bad peoples on the internet! Its sites like Blogger that keep me going, knowing that there are some intelligent, nice, loving people out there :)

So, anyways...

I can't think of a creative way to finish this post.




I have failed :/

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  1. Considering you dislike people who can't spell so much you should see the random spellings of words high school studenst use when talking over the internet. you'll probably want to stick a spear through their ears :D


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